Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Sewing...

We have had some major changes to this new year. And many of those changes have allowed us to get back to the reason why we moved out here.

To be more self sufficient! And part of that means sewing! So thank the Lord, we have been able to do much more of that!

This is a dress I "created" using the bodice of a Marie Madeline dress pattern and then just creating the bottom part and the apron myself. I intend for her to wear a shirt underneath the dress, but this is what it looks like without it. The apron is made from a really soft bed sheet. :) Yes, we are learning resourcefulness around here too :).

The dress below was a test dress I made for my grandmother's funeral. I wanted to make a practice one before I made the real one to make sure I liked it. I LOVE this dress type! And I intend to make more with small floral prints!

This is the actual dress I made the girls for my grandmothers funeral. This is the dress before I put a crocheted lace trim on them.

Isn't it lovely?!?!

And then this was a skirt I made that matched the girls dresses. The kids love this picture and giggle that I am holding the dress with no one in it. :)

Here is a close up of the flowers I made for the skirt.

If I look back last year, or even two years ago…My sewing has become more a part of our normal lives. And for that, I am thankful!

1 comment:

April W. said...

How sweet! The flower embellishment is cute! You give me hope, this year I will tackle sewing coordinating outfits.

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