Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Which Do You Prefer?

Which do you prefer?
The "seemingly perfect"? Where everything seems to be in place? Shiny? New? So close to reaching museum like status. Where children play in between cleaning sessions. Laundry becomes more important than tea parties. And when running around takes over our lives...Where fingerprints are not allowed. 

Or the home that is far from perfect? Where you will always see things out of place. :) Though there is a running order in the home. A home where there are signs of life...learning...and memory making. :) A home that shows the time when you tried to teach the children how to make smoothies. A home where everyone is comfortable. And fingerprints are embraced...most of the time. :)

We all love a clean home. That goes without saying. But sometimes we just have to embrace the mess that comes with certain things. I absolutely love working with my children. And now that I have a few "bigger" children, I can see the fruits of that! We all love to work together! And when have projects or cooking to do, I've got 6 happy and enthusiastic helpers! 

Our attitudes are contagious! Bad attitudes are contagious! Enthusiasm is contagious! I try to teach our children that we must choose to be enthusiastic about all areas of life! Even the parts we do not enjoy welcoming. This is not come to me naturally. I had to work for it. And still am to some point. But for the most part, I have learned to be enthusiastic in all things. My husband giggles me at times for this. :)
Don't shoo the children away when meal time prep comes. Bring them in. Let them learn. Yes, it's going to be messy! Yes! Its going to take twice as long.  But the memories you are making will bring you wonderful times. Not to mention the feeling you will have the day your child makes pancakes alone for the first time!!! 

In my experience, this type of living has always caused me to further seek the Lord in how to do things in our home. Any and all ideas I have ever shared with anyone have been the fruits of my many many prayers!!! When it seems like the mess of living a family integrated life is going to bury me, I become excited! Because I know that the Lord will show me EXACTLY how to run that part of our home.

Chose the second type of home! It won't always look like the cover of a magazine. But it will be full of productivity, fresh direction from the Lord and laughter!

I will be starting a series called the family integrated home...

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Heidi said...

Just wrote a post similar to this - saying "yes" to messes. :) http://www.dearlylovedmist.com/2013/02/saying-yes.html
While I also enjoy a clean home, I try not to stress about the messes. Easier said than done at times... ;)

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