Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Dinnertime Revelation

Last night I wasn't feeling well. And my sweet husband offered to bring dinner home. :) As we sat at the table it started. The strange experience of fresh revelation. When the smallest and most insignificant things seem to have such profound meaning!

My husband at the head of the table. And me beside him. Our children all around us! We sit before an empty table and two bags full of Mexican food. What a joy it is to be expectant upon The Lord! For his blessing! His provision!

My husband standing before us. Box by box unpacking the bags, and laying them before each child! Just as a father should feed his baby birds! Caring for them by providing not only the basic physical needs of life. But more importantly, the spiritual nourishment that we need.

As my husband lays the food out, I unwrap the plastic from the littles utensils the restaurant had so generously provided. Not saying a word or directing where anything should go. Just helping. Following . Looking up at him and watching him lead.

And then he sits. Ready to give the blessing. He calls on one of the children to lead in prayer. As a father should teaches be train his children to carry on the faith he is so lovingly trying to pass on. Which great conviction and diligence. He calls it out of them.

"O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."
Psalm 34:8


Momma Bug said...

Loving the last two posts friend.
Loving a glimpse into your heart laid bare. So blessed by what is there!
Praying for your hearts desire to be granted, but most of all for our Father to be glorified in you - through you as you continue to follow Him wherever He leads.

Hugs Tara!


. said...

love this post.

The Mama said...

I have never commented before, but I love this! Your family inspires me! My husband and I are new to the journey of allowing God to fully take control of our lives. Sadly, it has taken us way too long to truly see what is important. But I am thankful that God redeems all things! I see the important things of life being displayed in your family, even in the simple things like a family supper. Thanks for sharing!

Renata said...

I am also blessed to have a godly husband who leads our home! Love this post ~ isn't God good to us!!

mosey said...

Beautifully put!

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