Sunday, February 10, 2013

Refining Fire

What do we do when I comes? Great joy awaits in the refining fire. Though we may seem reluctant at first glance. Oh what joy awaits us in the journey we must all take. Often time many more journeys than we would like to be a part of. How pure the praise is when we are in it. How melodious the song! The sound of utter helplessnessz humility and reliance upon The Lord! What music to His ears! Turn your hearts to him, you who turn for rescue from the fire. For this fire does not burn! But gently and passionately refines the filth, the jagged, the stained, the rough. The places we would like to stuff inside, hide away, or forget they ever existed. Hiding behind our mask we seek to forget. But there is One... Who sees it all. Who's loving glance cannot turn away. For he is the master creator! And the care in which he creates is far too majestic to overlook the blemish created by his flawed creation. And while we fight he gently lifts us. Up out of the comfort and into the fire. Refining fire. It may look to be against us. But it isn't. Even when we least feel like it, He is sculpting. Chipping away. Changing the creation entirely! Though we fight, he gently and secretly holds us. So close we don't even know he is there. So quiet we feel alone. And so we seek. And we knock. And we search. Untill one day, we find it. The moment! The feeling when we do... It will never be forgotten! And then we breathe. Afresh an anew. And we look down at what has been shed from ourselves. And suddenly we realize that we are finite. We are not in control. And though we feel the inadequacy of our frame, we know the master creator! Victory is his. And though we feel small, we closely follow in his footsteps. For we have become more beautiful than we could ever have imagined! Refining fire, how sweet the journey. Hand in hand with the creator. And while we will never be completed until the appointed time, we know that if he is still working on us, he still loves us, has a purpose for us, a delight in us! Yes, refining fire. Where we cone to the end of ourselves but to the glorious beginning where there is no end to The Lord.

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