Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mother - Daughter / Father - Son Weekend

 Two years ago, my husband decided that every year, we would do a mother daughter / Father son weekend.  Each year, we alternate going places. The first year, the boys and daddy went somewhere. Then we took a break the next year because we were moving. And this year, the girls and I went to NYC to visit my family.

These are pictures of our first Mother/ Daughter Weekend.  We stayed home. But we went to a special place to let the girls "build" some stuffed animals.

They were so excited! I was VERY pregnant with Evan...

Then we got ice cream...

And went home to watch a movie and make a no sew blanket. I am not quite sure what they are called. But we sure did have quite a time cutting and trying knots that night.

This year, we went to visit my family in NYC.  We hadn't seen them in 4 years!

The girls enjoyed doing many things. But their favorite by far, was adopting their little baby dolls. :)
I wonder where they get that from. ;)

Since we drive everywhere, they really enjoyed walking everywhere.

This year the boys and daddy stayed home and had their own adventure, so it was really fun to send them pictures!

I really enjoy these times with the girls.  But, I must say that special times can be made right at home, without spending any money!  We purpose to do special things with each of our children throughout the week.

But these little adventures together are so sweet.

This year we had a little "stow away" on our adventure!  The baby is just not old enough for a Father / Son adventure yet. So the standard in our family is that, the babies usually stay with Momma until they're older. :)  We enjoyed having him with us . :)

We must've been the only ones wearing color! And the only ones with hairbows. Because everyone kept stopping us to tell us how colorful we were. :)

We just loved the opportunities to visit with people. :)

These memories will be sweet stories that I pray my children will continue with their families one day...


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