Friday, October 28, 2011

New House-New Family Closet

At our old home, we adopted the "family closet" idea for our family. And LOVED IT! When we moved into this home, I was praying to be able to do the same. In this home, it was not feasible to have a whole family closet, so we created a "kids" family closet and a "momma & daddy" family closet. After a few different plans, and a lot of moving around, we now have a rough plan. I am sure things will drastically become more organized as the months go on. But for now, we have a good system.

So here is our "kids" family closet:

When you walk in, we have all of our diapers, pull ups, wipes & my basket of clothing to be mended.

Since our bedrooms are just for sleeping. We do not have any dressers in their rooms. We re-used our white drawers for them. Each child has their own set for under clothes, pj's, etc.
On top of the drawers, we have a bin for:
boys socks
boys undershirts
girls socks

I put shelves on the wall to keep all our sewing fabric so that it is easily accessible when we need it.

These tables were used for school. Now we use them for crafts and sewing. This is also the room I do all our sewing. And all our ribbon for bow making.

We try to be very purposeful in what we put in our home regarding decoration. We aim to put things that will keep us on the path the Lord has for us. This is a wonderful quote about laundry that just blesses me everything I look at. Especially those times I feel overwhelmed by laundry.

Here is the children's clothing that I hang. Since I sew about 98% of all the girls clothes, I hang them. And I hang the boys good shirts and church pants.


In this home, we had to split up our pair of washers and dryers. The people who built this home had 11 children, so we are blessed to have 3 washer/dryer connections. There is one upstairs. And since the children's rooms are upstairs, that is the one we use for the children's laundry. We take the laundry straight from the dryer and put it on the floor of the family closet. Then whoever is available helps to fold and put away. Our children receive .25 cents for doing one whole load of laundry. For us, one whole load means putting in the washer to wash, drying and folding. We try to do two loads of laundry a day. And then Monday is our "Laundry Day Focus". This is the day we wash bedding, iron and wash any other laundry left over.

This system of laundry has been such a blessing to me. It has taken something that once overwhelmed me and took too much of my time. And with the family closet, I have been able to make laundry a part of out everyday life without the hassle.


Valerie said...

Amazing! I am so super inspired by that! Great Job Momma!

Rossie said...

BEEEEEEAUTIFUL!!! Love it, Tara!! Thank you for always sharing all of your lovely ideas and creations!! Such a blessing to the rest of us!!
Love you

Keith and Crystal said...

I love it! If you don't mind, what is the quote in the laundry room? My husband is blessing me with a laundry room - it should be finished this week - and I'm looking for a quote for the wall.

Thank you!!

I enjoy your blog SO much!!!


Brandi Watson said...

Just wanted to say I love the quote on your wall and I am thinking of getting the same one for our family closet room... Keith and Crystal, I found the wall art for this on ebay...

Sarah said...

I'm seriously considering the family closet. We are moving into a new house and I'd also like to get two washers and two dryers and I would need to stack them. What kind do you have that are stackable? Whenever I search online all I find is the combination washer/dryer that are one unit, and way too small! Thanks!!

Eva Marie said...

What kind of drawer system is that?
I am putting our family Closet together and trying to decide what we need.

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