Monday, July 28, 2014

My Favorite Time of Day & The Things Many People Don't See

My favorite time of year in when Fall and Winter comes around! I LOVE the cooler weather! And I love the days getting shorter! I also love the holidays clustered together during these months :)

But lately I have found that I love the longer days as well. We stay inside during the peak of the heat. 

But at 6 pm…We venture out. Dinner is already made and awaiting daddy's arrival. The sun is on the other side of the house. And I just stand in awe!

The children do their evening animal and garden chores. And if they finish quickly, they play outside! I am in awe that the Lord gave them to me. And that he has allowed me to be a mother!

And I water the landscaping! This has become such a peaceful time! A time to reflect on our day! A time to pray for my husband, children, friends and family! And a time to just thank the Lord for his infinite mercy! I have even assigned friends names to certain plants to remind me to pray for them. ;)

The colors of the plants are so pretty! And the evening breeze makes it just perfect! I look around and I see the past three years and all that the Lord has brought us through! I see our testimony in our land!

The rough areas we have rubbed away. Like the rough edges that the Lord has rubbed away in our lives! The pain of yesterday becomes a beautiful fragrance of today! The reminder that just as our land is and will always be a work in process, so are we! 

When we desired to move to the country, I never imagined that it would impact me the way it has! This land is our testimony! A ongoing example of our walk with the Lord! And all he is done! And a beautiful reminder that He is not finished with us! :)

So many people just look at our home and think we just do a lot of projects. To make everything "pretty" on the surface! But what they do not see is the testimony! How God broke us here! How we learned here what true stewardship really looks like! 

How God straightened our path! And made clear where our family's boundaries should be! And how he equipped us with the confidence in Him to learn how to steer away from people and things that would deter us from that path.

And all the twists and turns that we never thought we would take, only made our faith in the Lord and his providence stronger! The people we have met. The things we have been through that I would have NEVER volunteered for! All became beautiful!

"What profit has the worker from that in which he labors?  I have seen the God-given task with which the sons of men are to be occupied.  He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end."
-Ecclesiastes 3:10-11

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Family Room-After

This is the couch that belonged to my great grandmother that we re-upholstered.
With the bookshelves that the boys built for me behind.


This is the basic layout of the family room. There are lots of different seating areas!

These were the rugs we were using at the time while we were waiting for the big rug.

Then the BIG rug came.

And though I knew it would be big…I didn't think we would have to take all the furniture out to put it in.

But we did. So we got to work. Moving everything but the new heavy couch!

I always forget that "echo-y" sound that is made when there isn't any furniture in a room. 

It took quite an event to get the rug out.

But we finally did it.

We straightened and smoothed...

And then finally...

It was done. And we had to move everything back.

I don't think we will ever move it. :) Its too much work!

But we do love it.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Special Birthday Treat...

This year our sweet little girl turned 6.

Her birthday wish was to stay in a hotel.

So we planned a little mini vacation…In our home town.

We went to a hotel for her birthday.

How sweet to see the things they want to do…within reason...

We took them swimming.

Again…and again…and again,,,

They ate "hotel food" and were happy.

They went swimming again.

And again...

They got to use hotel keys. And take turns pushing the elevator buttons.

They got to watch a movie in the hotel room. And fold out the couch to make a bed.

And eat cupcakes for her birthday!

Did I mention that they went swimming?!?
I am not sure what reaction these bubbles bring out in me. Awww how cute she has bubbles on her head. Or Eewwww disgusting bubbles that millions of people swim in on my daughters head.

What a wonderful memory!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Crazy Things My Kids Do

A little girl wanting to sleep in the pack and play…

A little girl laying her cheese stick out on the floor like this to eat it...

A young man who got the idea from his dear friend to melt a giant bag of gummy bears to make a huge gummy cake...

a little boy who wanted to go on a date, then didn't feel like talking...

A boy who somehow got a strange infection in his toe that ran up his leg causing the need for two different antibiotics and bed rest for almost a week!!

Everything this little one does...

Whoever said motherhood was boring... never had children!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Major Color Dilemma

God created so many wonderful colors! So many wonderful combinations to be made!

But it was just last week, that I learned that not all colors look great! Especially on houses! Or the very idea that you think one color will look great with another, can quickly show you that you were wrong.

I have always considered myself quite good with color. But when I choose paint colors, I some how loose all ability to put things together! Especially because I love color, I have a problem choosing colors that will not look classic or something I could live with for a while!

When we moved in here, there were so many paint colors to choose from! So to make it fun for the children, I thought we would only choose paint colors that had farm-like names. But it was not without my friends Ashley that I was able to choose colors for the inside of our home.

We painted to outside doors red. But our front door broke, along with a few interior doors. So we needed to replace about 4 doors. We also needed to paint the trim and siding. I decided I wanted a more classic farm house look. It 

In some crazy way, I though this blue would be more classic…until our sweet painters painted this blue all over our doors!!!! It was quite a shocking color upon first glance.

Especially when you looked at the big garage doors!!! "It will grow on us" I thought. But every time I went outside that day, I felt like bursting into tears! It did not look like the classic farmhouse we were going for.

My sweet husband was very gracious. Instead of making me feel awful, he said we could re paint them. 

Slowly, slowly, slowly, things started to take shape. But the awful blue was still there, reminding me of the awful choice I had made!

Until one day, they got to the doors. A beautiful classic blue with a little great under tone in it.

And what a beautiful site it was!!! It brought out so many wonderful colors in the stone. And made it look like one cohesive house! Even though it still looks like a barn :)

Very farm-y and very classic!

What a difference the right color makes!

The indoor doors before:


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