Sunday, August 24, 2014

"I have learned to kiss the wave that slams me into the Rock of Ages."
-Charles Spurgeon

Thursday, August 7, 2014

" I find that doing the will of God leaves me no time for disputing about Hid plans."
-George MacDonald

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Together Again!!!

Three years ago, my dear dear friend moved away with her sweet family! My friend that God gave to me in a very special way!

Three weeks ago, they moved back! And we went to have dinner with them in their extended stay hotel, until their home was ready!

It was so sweet to see the children together again! They had since added one more I hadn't met and have another one due on Friday!!!

The daddies enjoyed their time together too!

And being able to hug my friend in person is a gift I will never take for granted again!

Thanking the Lord for being reunited again!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Generational Thinking

( My mom coloring with one of my daughters)

There is nothing small that you do today that will not have a great impact on your tomorrow!

Somebody much wiser that I probably said that before. But today, they are my words. The picture above spoke to my heart when I took it! My sweet momma, coloring with my daughter! Still feeling like she herself is no more than twenty years old. Yet her hands show the glorious signs of a life well lived. She is older yes, but she is also wiser! Experienced! And with much wisdom to give! The world would look at her hands and probably choose a "photo shopped" version of this picture. But to me, the authenticity of life is shown in every spot and wrinkle. As we live out each season of our lives, we MUST develop a mindset to thinking generationally! Because when we do, we will look at things differently! What we do today is not just for us! But also for our children and grandchildren and beyond! Sometimes I am deeply saddened when I think that some mothers do not even enjoy being mothers. I KNOW that there are bits of mothering that hurt more than you can comprehend. Parts of it that you don't enjoy. But they are still important! These sweet mommas too easily fall into the biggest trap of the enemy! The pattern of thinking that their current "season" will last forever! And so, for some, a daily monotonous pattern of thinking seems to set in. Meals, Laundry, Dishes, Diapers. Repeat.  And so in thinking that way, they "give away" the lessons they could be learning. Or the examples they could be setting for others. 

I will be the first to say that I have not always set the best example in my family! I am a real person! And far from perfect! I have fallen into despair after miscarriages. I have allowed busyness to rob my joy at times. I have neglected major areas of caring for my family at times to help others. I have failed many times! But by the grace of God, I have always held to the belief that every season matters! That we are not promised more children, more time with our families, or more of anything that we hold dear to now. I have prayed earnestly for the Lord to help me enjoy EVERY season of life! Because I do not want to miss the lessons he has for me! I do not want to miss the witness for my children!!! And the Lord has been faithful to that! He has been faithful to showing himself strong in every season…no matter how painful!!! It is because we want to impact our future generations that I plead with God to help me! I have In my short time of mothering, I have observed a few things.

1. Generational motherhood will change you drastically IF you allow the Lord to change you!
I know SOOO many people you think that when they have babies that they will just stick this tiny person into this little hole that is waiting for them, and then resume life as normal! What becomes of this is many mommas become down and discouraged and question whether they really enjoy mothering at all! A generationally minded momma would seek to be changed by each moment! Knowing that it would be a tool to mold future generations.

2. Motherhood is ALL glorious! Even the smallest task is important!
Yes! I just wrote that! It may not look all glorious! But it is! It is because it is a gift! It is because it is from God! It is because it is growing the today, the leaders of tomorrow! Ofttimes, I have imagined the life of a momma of a great historical figure. How grand their lives must've been! How many wonderful and big and important things they must've done! And then I realize how untrue that it really is! Raising the leaders of tomorrow involves all the seemingly "little details" that so many overlook every second of the day! The meal preparation matters! They show your children that your family is a gift from the Lord and that you delight in nourishing their bodies in the physical. Just like the Lord delights in nourishing us in the supernatural. Dishes matter! They show your children how you delight in taking carrying the glorious burden of caring for your family! And teaching them to do the same. Laundry matters! It shows your children that we need to order our lives in a way where we are showing good stewardship for the things that are always continuing to return! Laundry is never done! And will always be there! Organizing our time matters. It shows our children that we value the 24 hours in one day that our Heavenly Father has given us! It also shows them that time is a gift we need to constantly be seeking to redeem for the Glory of God. A generationally minded momma will see meaning in the things that others look past! She would know that it is not a few great things that make a Godly generation. But rather, many small little victories.

3. Motherhood will not always look the same!
Do not wish away your current season! That behavior will only breed discontentment in you and in your children! You will not always have a house full of littles! Soak it up! And just be in your season! One day they will grow! Enjoy it! You will not always have young people in your home! ENJOY IT! Model for your children that children are a blessing ALL the time!!! Not just when they are being good! Enjoy the season where you have no big helpers! Make your home, school and schedule simple and just revel in the gifts God has given you! Enjoy it! We are not always promised tomorrow! TODAY is a special day! A generationally minded momma would T-R-Y to see the joy in it…even if she had to get out a shovel and dig for it. 

4. Motherhood WILL bring you to your knees in humility before the Lord!
Never in my life have I loved my calling so much, and yet at the same time felt as though I am literally drag gin myself to the feet of Jesus every few minutes! This beautiful thing we call motherhood will bring out the ugly parts in you! It will be a tool the Lord uses to show you how selfish, impatient, unholy and greedy you really are! It will, if you let it, be a tool that the Lord shows you the beauty of the gospel! How Jesus gave it all for us! How even though HE KNEW we were selfish and unappreciative…HE still resorted us! HE still cared for us! HE still died for us! And so, as mothers, we will see how little control we really have over things! Children will get sick! Children will sprout an attitude at times. Have problems in math. Issues with sin. But in it the Lord has given us a gift! HUMILITY! One of the greatest gifts! Through humility, we can see how little we really are! Through our humility, we can see how much we need the Lord! Through our humility, we can see how much bigger God's plan for our children is than our "have a better kid by Friday" formula! It will bring you to your knees for them! It will cause you to seek the ONLY one who can do anything for them! The Lord! A generationally minded momma would see God's providence in all things! And would not, though she may desire to out of human weakness, seek to change HIS plan for her family!

Tomorrow comes faster than we think! As I have done from the beginning of this blog, I write these words for my own children and generations to come! My most humble desire is that my own children would live these words out! That they would see that the Lord is faithful! And that they would seek to know him even more than the example we set before them! Taking what we have taught them, and seeking to reform it even more than we were able to.  May HIS will be done today and in the generations to come.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Park Fun!

We have been playing in this park for years! 
We used to live in this neighborhood. My mom still does.

I took this shot because we have one from many years ago...

They grow too fast!!!

TOO FAST!!!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

March Revisited

March was a delightful month for us! Not only did our eldest child turn 14. But it was also the month the Christian Worldview Film Festival went on. 

Sine one of our pastors was hosting, he asked our church fellowship to host the speaks in our homes. And so we did.

It just so happened that the guests were all set to arrive on the same day as our son's birthday. It was so fun to include complete strangers in a family celebration! It was, what I imagined, the first century church would be like. Entertaining complete strangers.

Birthdays come far to fast around here!

Our big guy, who is completely southern to the core wanted apple pie and chicken and dumplings.

The other children worked really hard decorating with old decorations we already had. They even made him a happy birthday sign from Legos!

Our guests enjoyed eating all the yummy food! Incidentally, I hadn't learned to make chicken and dumplings…yet! Can you believe it??? So we bought everything from Cracker Barrel! ;)
(I know how to make them now) 

The rest of the night was filled with wonderful conversation, banjo playing and more pie! ;)

How the Lord brings people together, I will never know! I am always in awe! ;)

Here is the Lego sign! 

he next day, we were working away at the Christian Worldview Film Festival!

We enjoyed watching one of our pastors do a reenactment of William Wallace! He was so sweet up there with his grandsons!

We also enjoyed celebrating another birthday with friends from church. It always seems we are celebrating birthdays with this sweet family! And always at some event! :)

We are so excited to see what the Lord has planned for next year! ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Post from Deep Roots At Home

I love this blog! It is always so encouraging! You can read more here.

The Gift of Time ~ A Mother’s Treasure 

(Guest post by JES)
The best gifts in life are made up of minutes and seconds.
It is the time and energy you give to your children.
It is the moments poured from your soul and into their little hearts. It is something that money can never replace and gifts can never satisfy.
It is you, dear mother.
It is those mornings you sit with your child as you read together from books. It is those afternoons spent stirring a batch of cookies. It is the evenings spent embracing them, showering them with kisses.
It is your investment of time.
It is precious, invaluable.  Just like your children… for they are your gems.
They are the only treasure that you may take with you to heaven.
Forego the fancy toys and the glittering electronics… It is the memories spent with you that will always be cherished.
Won’t you wrap yourself up these next few years in a box with pretty string and offer yourself to your family?
Your time, dear mother, is the best gift that you can ever give.
“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time…” Ephesians 5:15-16

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